Counseling and Special Education Center


to contribute to the building of sound student character/personality, and attend to the problems faced by university students, and serve individuals with special needs from the local community.


providing distinctive professional services of counseling and special needs education to university students and individuals from the local community to help accomplish the university’s leading role.


The Counseling and Special Education Center seeks to achieve its goals through providing special services to students in two essential fields:

First-Psychological Counseling: Students sometimes face difficulties and challenges that affect their everyday life. For this the center offers help in certain aspects including

  • Helping students adapt to the university environment
  • Tackling stress caused by studying and being away from home
  • Building and developing problem solving strategies for students
  • Contributing in finding solutions for the academic problems students may encounter
  • Offering help in dealing with any other problems or challenges students may face

Second-Special Education: the center seeks to help individuals with special needs or disabilities to deal with their special needs or disabilities in order to solve problems related to their education through:

  • Diagnosing learning difficulties among university students
  • Dealing with cases of academic difficulties and providing solution plans and following them up
  • Training students on the best studying methods in order to avoid negative habits
  • Providing medical intervention to solve behavioral and emotional problems
  • Providing these services to the local community members